Answering Some Common Questions

We’ve been receiving some frequent comments which we would like to answer right here on the front of our website. We hope this will provide a little more understanding about this project.

1. When will this game be available?
– It will be done when it’s done, there’s no set release. Though, we do plan on releasing a proof of concept demo by the end of the year if possible, and we estimate this should be completed within the 2020-2023 range.

2. Where can I download this game?
– As it is not yet available, there are no places in which this game can be downloaded. However, when we have a build ready, we will share download links on our site.

3. This project seems slow, what’s up with that?
– This is a hobby project, plus most developers have a schedule for school and/or work, so having time to work on this is usually a little difficult for them, but all of us still work hard and stick to making the well-known “MLP in The Sims” animations become a reality.

As always, contact us if you have any questions and we’ll reach you as soon as possible. Typically, the best way to reach us is through our Discord server.

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