Recruiting C# Gameplay Programmers

Hey everypony! We know you’ve probably seen lots of posts lately of us needing programmers on our team, but we’ve been a bit short handed when it comes to that so we’ve been actively seeking.


We’re looking to expand our programming talent with a couple folks who have experience coding in the C# language and working with the Unity3D engine.  Our primary focus is on the live mode portion of the game. This will involve:

  • Scripting social interactions and pony behaviors, and developing the relationships system.
  • Scripting object interactions and developing the motives system.
  • Implementing the pony models and making them customizable.
  • Further developing the existing character data system.


Later additions to the game will be the Create a Pony tool and the Neighborhood screen, where save games are stored and stylized as various houses/lots in one town and work together in gameplay.


If you’re interested in joining our team, the best way to reach out to us is through our Discord server: . We’re looking forward to adding your talent to our team!

June 2022 Progress Update

Hey everypony! We know it’s been a bit quiet, but we’ve got some exciting progress to share with you. Over the past several months, we’ve been working on a variety of game features.


House Customization

Customization is a core feature to The Ponies, and that includes the houses you build. With a variety of options in the game’s build mode, you’ll be able to create all kinds of different homes for your ponies to live in. Will it be a cozy cabin? A huge mansion? Or even a dark and dumpy shack? It’s all up to you!

You can use a wall tool to drag walls wherever you desire them, and place floors and wall coverings similarly. With the game’s buy mode, you can purchase an assortment of furniture for your ponies. Don’t get too carried away though, otherwise your ponies may run out of funds…



As standard with any life simulator, interacting with the world is important. You can control any pony within the household you’ve loaded up and command them to perform various interactions with the objects on their lot and with other ponies. Objects will satisfy specific motives based on its intended purpose. For example, directing your pony to sit down will boost their Comfort need. Or directing them to insult another pony may provide a Social motive boost to themself, but negatively impact the pony on the receiving end.


New Interface

The interface is just as important as the enjoyment of the game. After all, that is where you’ll be keeping track of everything. We’ve been working on a new interface that will closely reflect the energy of the game, and allow you to easily find things and have full control over the game.



We’d like to thank you all for your support this far in the development of The Ponies, and we hope you’ll stick around for the road ahead!

We’re Seeking C# Programmers

We’re actively looking to recruit programmers for our project! If you have a passion for ponies and life simulators, we strongly encourage you to apply!


Our game runs on the C# programming language, using the Unity3D engine. We’re seeking programmers who can help develop various aspects typical of a life simulator game, such as:


  • Character behaviors – personalities, ponies interact with each other and build relationships, react to their surroundings, have needs that affect mood and attitude, etc.
  • Player creativity tools – game modes which allow the player to build homes, customize terrains, create and customize pony characters, etc.
  • Interface – implementation of user interface among various areas of the game.


Our project utilizes tools to help organize tasks and cross-communicate with fellow teammates for increased productivity and to provide all teammates with an understanding of the heart of the project.


If interested, please contact us here on our website or reach out to our team through our Discord server. We will get back to you as soon as possible. We at The Ponies Team look forward to hear from you!

Project delayed

Unfortunately, due to various circumstances, we have to delay the release of the project. We understand that this may be frustrating and disappointing, and we apologize for this. A lot of members of our team have unfortunately encountered issues, such as with COVID or being unable to allocate time to the project at the moment due to work or family, that have made it to where they are unable to work on the game. We simply don’t have a large enough team to counteract this, and with the difficulty finding new team members, we’re forced to delay the project. This does not mean that the project is cancelled, however.


If you are a C# programmer, 3D modeler, or concept artist and are looking to use your skills to work on a project, feel free to contact us. We could really use your help!


Again, we apologize for these circumstances, and we hope you’ll stick around with us through this. You’ve been an amazing community!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! – Final Progress Update 2021

We hope you’ve all had and will continue to have a wonderful holiday season! We wanted to thank you, the community, for following this project and supporting us this far. With the unpredictability of the year, and the various events that have affected everyone and their families, it really means a lot to have your support. With 2021 coming to a close, and the project continuing development, we hope to see you all stick around with us for 2022 and the progress that’s to come! 


Remember – we are always open to recruiting new developers who have a passion for ponies, life simulators, and game development, and additionally a passion for small fangame projects such as this one. If you’re interested in programming, 3D modeling, animating, or even create sound effects or music for the game, we’d love to hear from you! With the more help we can get, the better we can make this game and the more likely we can bring it to reality! You can contact us here on our website if you are interested in becoming a part of our team for 2022.


Nonetheless, whether you are a fan of the project or a potential developer interested in joining our team, we hope to see you in 2022!