3D Animators Wanted

Hey everypony! The Ponies Team is looking to recruit some animators who can create character and object animations. These involve basic social interaction, object interaction, basic character reactions and locomotion animations. If you are interested, you can either contact us here or join our Discord server here to interact with the developers about joining the team.

Welcome to the new website!

Hey everypony! We’re happy to welcome you to our new website for The Ponies. October has been an exciting month for us, as we’ve been given the opportunity to get on our own domain and redesign our website. We’ve also made a lot of technical progress on the project, such as creating the framework for a terrain editing system; which we’ll later use to progress into designing the buy and build mode for the game. If you happen to have any questions, or would even like to apply to contribute to the project, you can contact us here or join us on Discord.