Happy New Year!

We want to wish everybody a happy New Year! We’re hoping for a very productive 2023 with a lot to show you in terms of the progress we’ve made thus far. In the coming months we plan to show off some of the exciting stuff we’ve worked on. We’ve also made a resolution to release a pre-alpha version of the game this year, so we’re hoping we can reach our goals quick enough to bring that to you as soon as possible!


We’re still seeking to expand our programming team. Unfortunately, programmers have become a bit harder to find in the community lately. If you or someone you know is experienced with primarily C# programming, working with the Unity game engine and also has a love for technicolor ponies, then we’d love for you/them to join us this year! You’ll have the chance to work with a fun and creative team all while working to create a passionate fan game for the community to enjoy. If you’re interested, we hope to hear from you via our contact form or Discord server! The more help we can get, the more we’ll be able to reach our goals this year.


We’d also like to thank the community for all your support this far, and we hope to see you throughout the year and that we’ll be able to provide you with an amazing game, even if it’s only in its early development stages. We hope that everyone will have an amazing 2023!

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    1. Hello! When the game is first released, it will not have the feature to switch languages but we do have it in the plans for future releases of the game!

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