December 2018 News Update

We apologize for the recent lack of progress updates, including demonstrations of newly implemented features or even a new soundtrack song. Our developers have either been on vacation (since the holidays have been all around), or have been taking a break. We’re still working on this project, and we’re hoping to have something significant to share in the first two months of 2019. As always, when we have something new to share, you’ll see a post on this website, as well as on our Facebook and Twitter accounts (and typically YouTube, since we usually show stuff off in video form).

November 2018 News Update

The Ponies is still alive and well, and we’ve been working on some project organization/cleanup for the most part recently, which is why we haven’t seemed to have a whole lot of progress lately. But, we assure you that in the coming months, we’ll be working on some exciting stuff! Also, here’s to hoping we’ll be ready enough to release a proof-of-concept demo for you all to play in 2019. We at The Ponies Team are very excited to continue working on this game, and we’re even excited to play it and even see you play it! Be sure to stick around for progress updates and project news, as we’ll always be sure to share something new.

When will this game be released?

This is perhaps the most asked question we receive, and we’d like to share the answer right on the front of our website. The answer is we don’t know yet. You may ask why, and the answer to that would be because this game is developed as a hobby project by a small team of devs, and though we do work very hard – it is virtually impossible to choose a release date. We do have a plan for what years we plan to release certain builds that we try to work towards, but this is basically a “done when it’s done” type of deal. However, we will continue to keep you posted on the game’s development, about what milestones we’ve reached and show off new implementations in videos, but we are currently in the pre-alpha phase (which is very early development), so a public alpha build won’t be available for a while. We are getting relatively close though to a playable build, but keep in mind that this first playable build may not have ponies or live simulation implemented yet – but you will be able to build cool homes and play with various architectural features! The build that would soon follow after that is most likely going to have playable ponies in it, but as that would still be early in development, not a whole lot of live simulation features would be implemented, only the basic ones. Nevertheless, we at The Ponies Team know are all eager to play this, and so are we! And we promise to keep notifying you of new project milestones, changes, and more. Thank you for all your support thus far!

Answering Some Common Questions

We’ve been receiving some frequent comments which we would like to answer right here on the front of our website. We hope this will provide a little more understanding about this project.

1. When will this game be available?
– It will be done when it’s done, there’s no set release. Though, we do plan on releasing a proof of concept demo by the end of the year if possible, and we estimate this should be completed within the 2020-2023 range.

2. Where can I download this game?
– As it is not yet available, there are no places in which this game can be downloaded. However, when we have a build ready, we will share download links on our site.

3. This project seems slow, what’s up with that?
– This is a hobby project, plus most developers have a schedule for school and/or work, so having time to work on this is usually a little difficult for them, but all of us still work hard and stick to making the well-known “MLP in The Sims” animations become a reality.

As always, contact us if you have any questions and we’ll reach you as soon as possible. Typically, the best way to reach us is through our Discord server.