February 2020 Progress Update

Hello everypony! We’re still very much alive, even though we haven’t had much to share in the last month. Much of the team has been busy, so consequently there’s been less progress. But that doesn’t mean the project is dead by any means, as we’re still working on many features.

As soon as development picks back up, we’ll announce all the new things we’ve worked on recently. (Psst, we’re also getting closer to the demo/first release! We still don’t have a release date determined for this though, as it could still be a while.)

December 2019 Progress Update

Hello everypony! We’re back with another progress update post for the month.


Though the past couple months have been a little bit slower, we’ve still made quite a bit of progress! From new UI developments to further work on the framework of the game, we’re inching closer to our milestone. We hope to release something playable in the coming months, but as we aren’t working with a schedule, things could always change.


We’d also like to thank all of our followers for supporting the project this far, and we hope you will stick around to see the project continue to grow. Be sure to keep checking back on our website and social media to get the latest news on the game!

October 2019 Progress Update

We’re still alive! A lot of changes have been made to the game over the past couple months, and we’re getting closer to our development milestone.  We’re excited to show you all that we’ve done, but we’d also like it to be a surprise. Saying that probably makes it less of a surprise, but don’t worry, when the time comes you’ll see all the exciting stuff we’ve worked on!


In the meantime, you can go ahead and check out some of our past modeling streams on our YouTube channel here, and see what new objects have been created for the game.