Concept Art Stream Recap

Hey all! It’s been a while since we’ve posted anything, and we apologize for keeping you all waiting for so long. We know you’re really excited for this project and we appreciate all your support thus far! We’ve recently gotten back into the groove with some small updates, including a concept art live stream on our YouTube channel. In case you missed it, or would like to watch it again, you can view it once more here:


We’re making a lot of progress and we’re hopeful that 2024 will be a productive year for the project. We’re aiming for an alpha demo release this year, so keep your eyes peeled for new updates!

Team Recruitment Open

Spring is here, and we’re once again looking to expand our team with talented individuals! To be more specific, we’re especially looking for C# programmers experienced with scripting behaviors. Some responsibilities would include:

  • Scripting various pony interactions
  • Scripting object interactions and behaviors
  • Creating systems that hold various elements of character data

Knowledge about the inner mechanics of life simulators, as well as experience with object-oriented programming is preferred!

Please apply using our contact form, or alternatively you can reach out to us on our Discord server, following the links below:


The Ponies Team Contact Form

The Ponies Community Discord

Happy New Year!

We want to wish everybody a happy New Year! We’re hoping for a very productive 2023 with a lot to show you in terms of the progress we’ve made thus far. In the coming months we plan to show off some of the exciting stuff we’ve worked on. We’ve also made a resolution to release a pre-alpha version of the game this year, so we’re hoping we can reach our goals quick enough to bring that to you as soon as possible!


We’re still seeking to expand our programming team. Unfortunately, programmers have become a bit harder to find in the community lately. If you or someone you know is experienced with primarily C# programming, working with the Unity game engine and also has a love for technicolor ponies, then we’d love for you/them to join us this year! You’ll have the chance to work with a fun and creative team all while working to create a passionate fan game for the community to enjoy. If you’re interested, we hope to hear from you via our contact form or Discord server! The more help we can get, the more we’ll be able to reach our goals this year.


We’d also like to thank the community for all your support this far, and we hope to see you throughout the year and that we’ll be able to provide you with an amazing game, even if it’s only in its early development stages. We hope that everyone will have an amazing 2023!

Recruiting C# Gameplay Programmers

Hey everypony! We know you’ve probably seen lots of posts lately of us needing programmers on our team, but we’ve been a bit short handed when it comes to that so we’ve been actively seeking.


We’re looking to expand our programming talent with a couple folks who have experience coding in the C# language and working with the Unity3D engine.  Our primary focus is on the live mode portion of the game. This will involve:

  • Scripting social interactions and pony behaviors, and developing the relationships system.
  • Scripting object interactions and developing the motives system.
  • Implementing the pony models and making them customizable.
  • Further developing the existing character data system.


Later additions to the game will be the Create a Pony tool and the Neighborhood screen, where save games are stored and stylized as various houses/lots in one town and work together in gameplay.


If you’re interested in joining our team, the best way to reach out to us is through our Discord server: . We’re looking forward to adding your talent to our team!

Project delayed

Unfortunately, due to various circumstances, we have to delay the release of the project. We understand that this may be frustrating and disappointing, and we apologize for this. A lot of members of our team have unfortunately encountered issues, such as with COVID or being unable to allocate time to the project at the moment due to work or family, that have made it to where they are unable to work on the game. We simply don’t have a large enough team to counteract this, and with the difficulty finding new team members, we’re forced to delay the project. This does not mean that the project is cancelled, however.


If you are a C# programmer, 3D modeler, or concept artist and are looking to use your skills to work on a project, feel free to contact us. We could really use your help!


Again, we apologize for these circumstances, and we hope you’ll stick around with us through this. You’ve been an amazing community!