Welcome to our FAQ page, where the most common questions will be answered below:


Q: What is The Ponies?
A: It’s going to be a game – a Sims clone – but instead of people, you create and control ponies. We plan to first release this on Windows PC.


Q: When is this going to be released?
A: We’re planning to release various builds through development to playtest, however we unfortunately cannot predict a release date.


Q: Can I create my OC?
A: Yes, you can create your OC. More than one, in fact. You’ll be able to have multiple households, which will all be able to hold up to 8 playable ponies, if you wish.


Q: Is this a game? Where can I download it?
A: It will be a game, and it is not available for download yet.


Q: What development phase is this currently at?
A: This is currently in the pre-alpha phase.


Q: Will this game have gibberish voices for the characters?
A: Yes


Q: How’s this game coming along so far?
A: Quite well!


Q: What types of ponies will be in the game?
A: We plan to have Earth Ponies, Pegasi, and Unicorns.


Q: Will this game be available for mobile?
A: We do not have plans for mobile as far as the initial release. We may try an Android port in the future though.


Q: Is this a mod?
A: Nope, this is a standalone game being made from scratch.


Q: Can I be an alpha/beta tester?
A: We plan to release a demo soon, no date is determined yet though, as well as early game builds throughout development – so everybody will get to be an alpha/beta tester.


Q: Are the MLP in The Sims videos gameplay footage of this?
A: No, those are great animations made by Yudhaikeledai. They inspired this project to become a thing though.


Q: What races will be in the game, beyond ponies?
A: In the first version of the game, there will only be ponies. We will not add other races until much later on, if at all.


Q: Do you do livestreams?
A: We do! We do not have a schedule for when we do livestreams, but you can subscribe to our YouTube channel to never miss when we stream or even upload a video. Visit The Ponies on YouTube.


Q: Will ghosts be in the game?
A: Yes. And they will be spooky. :ghost:


Q: How do I download the game?
A: You can’t yet, because it is not available.


Q: What kinds of personality traits will be in the game?
A: You’ll have to wait and see đŸ™‚


Q: Will any show characters from MLP: FiM be in the game?
A: No, that is copyright infringement.


Q: Will you add any other species to the game besides ponies?
A: We may do that in the future, but only after the release of the main game. It is about ponies after all. Also, no, we will not add people. (That’s actually a common request!) Wouldn’t that be too much like another game…?


Q: Is The Ponies a 2D or 3D game?
A: It is a 3D game, comprised of 3D assets, but with an isometric camera and toon shading mixed together to give it that charming 2D feel and retro vibe.