Welcome to our FAQ page, where the most common questions will be answered below:


Q: What is The Ponies?
A: It’s going to be a game – a Sims clone – but instead of people, you create and control ponies.


Q: What platforms is this game for?
A: We are developing The Ponies for Windows and Linux.


Q: When is this going to be released?
A: We’re planning to release various builds through development to playtest, but we expect this to be completed in the 2021-2023 range (always subject to change).


Q: Can I create my OC?
A: Yes, you can create your OC. More than one, in fact. You’ll be able to have multiple households, which will all be able to hold up to 8 playable ponies, if you wish.


Q: Is this a game? Where can I download it?
A: It will be a game, and we’ll most likely have a link on this site for downloading the latest build, once we complete one.


Q: What development phase is this currently at?
A: This is currently in the pre-alpha phase.


Q: Will this game have gibberish voices for the characters?
A: Yes.


Q: How’s this game coming along so far?
A: Quite well! With devoted developers and a committed community, this should continue to thrive. We always share progress updates on our site and YouTube channel (and more often in our Discord), so be sure to look in those places often for the latest!


Q: Will The Ponies have characters from the show?
A: Nope, because that would be copyright infringement. There will still be pre-created playable pony characters in the game though.


Q: What types of ponies will there be in the game?
A: These things are still being decided, but there will for sure be earth ponies, pegasi, unicorns, and alicorns. There is a likely possibility that bat ponies will be included, along with changelings, etc.


Q: Will this game support custom content?
Yes, this game will allow you to create custom content. We will even have a tool called PoneCrafter, which will allow you to easily implement your own custom content.


Q: Will The Ponies only be available for phones?
A: No. In fact, it has not been produced for any kind of phone yet. At this time, the game is being made specifically for Windows and Linux.


Q: Is open recruitment available?
A: This varies based on what time you apply to become part of the project. Usually, we are able to welcome new devs, but for whatever position depends on if that position is either already filled and how productive the current devs are in that position.