Team Recruitment Open

Spring is here, and we’re once again looking to expand our team with talented individuals! To be more specific, we’re especially looking for C# programmers experienced with scripting behaviors. Some responsibilities would include:

  • Scripting various pony interactions
  • Scripting object interactions and behaviors
  • Creating systems that hold various elements of character data

Knowledge about the inner mechanics of life simulators, as well as experience with object-oriented programming is preferred!

Please apply using our contact form, or alternatively you can reach out to us on our Discord server, following the links below:


The Ponies Team Contact Form

The Ponies Community Discord

7 thoughts on “Team Recruitment Open”

  1. Hi, I’m wondering if other races besides Ponies will be added to the game? For example: Dragons, Changelings, Kirins, Crystal Ponies, Griffins, Discord?

    1. The team said in the discord group that the game only will have ponies, unicorns and pegasus.

      Sorry, no griffins and dragons for us.

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