New OST Track Out!

In case you haven’t heard yet, we finally have another track available for listening made for the game! Though small, it is still one of many pieces of progress that we’ve made since the last progress update we have shown. Speaking of which, we do plan soon (within a couple months) to show off a new progress update regarding the game directly. Recently, we have been mostly working on a custom content tool for the game called “PoneCrafter”, which will allow you to be able to easily implement CC into the game. There have also been several new object models created recently, which you can take a peek at on our Development page. We’ve also been working on some smaller but more crucial features, which we will share later on.

Graphics progress sneak peek

Want to get a quick look at some graphics exploration for our game? You can watch the video above to satisfy your curiosity. These are not final graphics, and are subject to change throughout development. At the moment, we plan to have a more “flat” look, but with the shadow style seen in the video. We also plan to include various prop effects, much like the flower and the wind as also seen in the video.

2nd April Progress Update

We’ve got a new progress update video showcasing some more object placement, along with the floor tool. There’s obviously still a lot to do, but we thought it would be great to show you what we’ve had going this month. Also, if you hadn’t seen it yet, we’ve uploaded our current soundtrack to our channel. There’s still more songs on the way for that, so keep your eyes peeled! The post below this one will have a link to the OST playlist.