3D modeling and animating positions still open!

This project is still looking for any 3D modelers and animators looking to contribute! Keep in mind that this is a hobby project, so all work is unpaid, but credit is definitely given where credit is due. Contact us if you would be interested in helping the project, and the project manager will reply as soon as possible. Be sure that you’ve got a way to show some of your great work that you can show as an example of your skills!

Happy New Year!

We hope that everypony will have a wonderful 2018, and in the year we plan to provide you even more insight into the content we will create for The Ponies. The project has had a great run through all of 2017, so we hope this year will be even better. With each major change in every build of the game, we will showcase it both on our website and our social media pages.

Become part of the team

Interested in joining The Ponies team? For the coming months, we will be looking to grow our team. Ideally, the project would be most benefited with more of the following: C# programmers with Unity experience, 3D modelers, 3D animators, and 2D animators. In order to qualify for joining the team, you need to be able to provide a piece of work to demonstrate your skills and experience. For inquiries regarding this topic, please contact us and we will reply to you as quick as possible.