June 2018 News Update

Hello everypony! We’re excited to announce that everything is going well, and we’re making lots of progress like usual. We are planning to release a pre-alpha demo build, simply titled the “Build and Buy Demo”, as we don’t have ponies implemented yet, this August. This build will allow you to create houses (basic ones anyways), and you’ll be able to play around with the tools in those two game modes. Please remember that plan could always change, as this is a hobby project and the developer’s schedules frequently change so this has a small chance of releasing later or earlier than the planned date. We hope you’ll stick around to see more news updates on this project, and if you have any questions or want to interact with the developers, you can either contact us or drop by our Discord server.

April Progress Update

Wall tools, music, and data files are just some of the stuff we’ve been working on this month. Speaking of music, we’ll soon be sharing some of our soundtrack with you; including the theme song, some buy and build tracks, and a create a pony track. We also plan to share a progress update video on our YouTube channel showing off more of the in-game buy mode, along with the progress of the floor placement tool. As always, we’ll keep you posted!

March 2018 Project Update

Hello everypony! We’re happy to announce that with our hard work over the past months, we’ve been able to get a basic buy and build mode in order (though build mode is still quite incomplete). Object placement, a floor tool, and of course the important data that accompanies it. Through the coming months, we promise to build upon the game more and more until we’re able to release a playable pre-alpha build. As we promise, the game will be free to play all through development and even when it’s completed. We estimate that the first playable build will be out by summer, but keep in mind that can always change. The last important thing that we’d like to tell you is that we still need help with 3D modelling and animating, so if you’re interested in helping, feel free to contact us and you could have a chance to become a part of the project!

3D modeling and animating positions still open!

This project is still looking for any 3D modelers and animators looking to contribute! Keep in mind that this is a hobby project, so all work is unpaid, but credit is definitely given where credit is due. Contact us if you would be interested in helping the project, and the project manager will reply as soon as possible. Be sure that you’ve got a way to show some of your great work that you can show as an example of your skills!