When will this game be released?

This is perhaps the most asked question we receive, and we’d like to share the answer right on the front of our website. The answer is we don’t know yet. You may ask why, and the answer to that would be because this game is developed as a hobby project by a small team of devs, and though we do work very hard – it is virtually impossible to choose a release date. We do have a plan for what years we plan to release certain builds that we try to work towards, but this is basically a “done when it’s done” type of deal. However, we will continue to keep you posted on the game’s development, about what milestones we’ve reached and show off new implementations in videos, but we are currently in the pre-alpha phase (which is very early development), so a public alpha build won’t be available for a while. We are getting relatively close though to a playable build, but keep in mind that this first playable build may not have ponies or live simulation implemented yet – but you will be able to build cool homes and play with various architectural features! The build that would soon follow after that is most likely going to have playable ponies in it, but as that would still be early in development, not a whole lot of live simulation features would be implemented, only the basic ones. Nevertheless, we at The Ponies Team know are all eager to play this, and so are we! And we promise to keep notifying you of new project milestones, changes, and more. Thank you for all your support thus far!

3 thoughts on “When will this game be released?”

  1. This is great! I didn’t know it was actually going to be a game! I remember when I searched it and thought, “Since maybe there isn’t one now… Im guessing theres never going to be one.”, but no today I thought of searching it up. I am really excited! When it’s out I am gonna play it! Well, I would most likely play it when the ponies are out, but it’s fine.

  2. Yesterday I was reminded how 4/5 years ago I watched episodes with animations! I remember how I wanted to play and have my own ponies ๐Ÿ˜ฝ. Now I’m older, but I’m still drawn to this beautiful artwork and these magical ponies! Because I’m a fan of sims ๐Ÿ˜‰. Thank you very much for this fan game ๐Ÿ˜˜ ! Although it can be a real game! Omg! THXX

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