New CAP Prototype Available!

Check it out here:

We know what you’re thinking: “Finally… something we can play with!“. And that’s right! We now have a Create-a-Pony prototype available for everybody to play around with. Keep in mind that since it is just a prototype, no complex editing features are implemented yet, and the only main features of this version are color customization and flank mark import tools. Also, you’ll notice that the pony model in this is a bit… off… but also kind of cute! Well, she’s just a placeholder for now (and actually serves as a plushie in the game), and we’ll eventually get more proper pony models ready. Of course, this version of CAP is just the tip of the iceberg (and a good iceberg at that!), and we plan to gradually turn this into something great!

2 thoughts on “New CAP Prototype Available!”

  1. I made Princess Luna wearing Princess Celestia’s royal Hoofs, Crown, And necklace. I wish I can post it but I can’t find it.

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