Now Recruiting – 3D Animators Needed

Hello everypony! We’ve been working hard the last few months and have finally reached the point of getting our ponies in the game – however, we need animations. We’re looking to recruit a skilled volunteer 3D animator or two to make a great addition to our team! If you are interested in recruitment, please contact us through our contact form or reach out to us in the #recruitment channel of our Discord server.

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    1. Not initially. We’ll look into what we can do with our resources to translate the game at a later time.

    1. Currently the way we are planning worlds in the game is in the form of neighborhoods, which are basically miniature towns. We are still designing this feature though so we can’t provide much info yet on how game worlds will work and what styles they will have. We’re also only planning to have standard ponies in the base game so other neighborhoods themed around different pony types likely won’t appear until much later on.

    1. Yes, though we may not have voices implemented yet in the earliest builds due to priority of tasks. But eventually we will definitely have some fun voices for our ponies!

  1. 1: Will there be packs similar to The Sims?
    2: Are pets going to have a role in the game?
    3: Can ponies get a career?
    4: Do ponies have personal phones?
    5: Is there going to be a notification that shows the ponies’ moods?
    6: Do ponies speak English?

    1. 1. We plan to have something that functions similarly, but will come in the form of free updates.
      2. Pets are planned as a later addition.
      3. Ponies will be able to have careers. We’ll have more info eventually on how these will work and what they’ll be!
      4. Ponies will be able to own LAN line type of phones. We’re still designing this aspect of the game, but we plan to have their world set in a time with older style technology, as it fits with their timeline.
      5. Ponies’ moods, as well as their needs, will be displayed in the main gameplay interface.
      6. Ponies will speak a gibberish fictional language, called Ponlish.

  2. 1. Will ponies wear clothes?
    2. Do the ponies have personality traits?
    3. When a pony reaches the end of its life cycle, how will it “kick the bucket”? Will the Grim Reaper claim its life? Will they die alone? Will they pass away peacefully, surrounded by doctors?
    4. Are ponies going to have family members (for example, parents, siblings, grandparents, grandchildren, children, uncles, aunts, cousins)?

    1. 1. Ponies will be able to wear clothes, but it’s not a forced feature.
      2. Ponies will have both personality points and traits. This will be revealed more later on.
      3. When ponies die, they will fall to the ground and the Grim Reaper will come to reap them away.
      4. Ponies will be able to have family members.

  3. 1. When a mare gives birth, will it be in a hospital or in the comfort of their own home?
    2. Is there going to be an option to choose if a pony is going to be an earth pony, unicorn, pegasi, or an alicorn?

    1. 1. We are still designing this feature. Birth definitely will be able to be done at home.
      2. You will be able to choose in Create a Pony what kind of pony you want to create. These include Earth Ponies, Unicorns, and Pegasi. Alicorns will not be creatable in the game.

    1. Nothing is stopping players from creating characters that resemble those from the show, but those characters will not be present by default in the game.

  4. 1. Can a pony have first and last names?
    2. How many ponies can live in one house?
    3. What purposes can unicorns use their magic for?
    4. How does marriage work?

    1. 1. Ponies will have a single name, while their household will have a name of its own.
      2. Up to 8 ponies can live in the same house.
      3. Unicorns will be able to use magic to interact with some objects and perform daily tasks, and they will be able to learn and perform spells.
      4. Marriage is a feature being designed.

    1. We plan for a personality points system, involving various trait scales such as Neat, Outgoing, Active, Playful, Nice, etc. along with 3 characteristic traits that further define how a pony behaves and what their preferences are.

  5. In the series, there are different cities in Equestria, such as Baltimare, Manehattan, Fillydelphia, Las Pegasus, Rainbow Falls, and Cloudsdale. How will you recreate these towns, if you will at all? Will Equestria have a map with different regions?

    1. We plan to have a variety of our own playable towns in the game, that may take inspiration from these but will not be entirely the same. We plan to include 3 in the base game, and add more over time.

  6. What are the life stages for the ponies? Can ponies have events, like dinner parties, weddings, birthday parties, etc.? I hope I’m not rushing, but a commenter named Nasya Tsurgeon asked a question about progress. She asked for the due date. Has this due date changed in any way, shape, or form? Is it still aroud 2023?

    1. We are still shooting for a release date of 2023, but it still could change at any point due to random circumstances. We are still designing these features, but we can say that the confirmed life stages for ponies are Infant, Child, and Adult. We are contemplating combining Elder into Adult, but we’ll have more info on that in the near future. Also, ponies will be able to have events. This will also be revealed more later on.

  7. You might recognize me from a previous comment. I am so sorry to hear that the project has been stalled, and I give the crew my best wishes! Meanwhile, I wanted to ask about education. Will children be able to go to school, and can we see them study?

    1. Thank you! School will be a part of the game, and children will have to attend it and keep up their grades. We don’t have plans for a feature to see them while they are at school, but you can study from home to improve their grades.

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