End of July Update – Contest Ended, PoneCrafter Released!

Object Creation Contest

Attention everyone! We have ended the Object Creation Contest and are no longer accepting submissions. In the coming weeks, we will be deciding the winners. Thank you all who participated! In the future, we plan to hold more community creation contests. Stick around!


PoneCrafter Released!

We finally have our first public (and open-source) release! However, it is not the actual game itself, which we know may garner some disappointment. But don’t worry – we’re still working on getting the game itself out as soon as possible. Now you are probably wondering, what is PoneCrafter? It’s the custom content creation/implementation tool used for The Ponies! It serves the purpose of allowing you the player to easily implement your own custom content into the game without the hassle of messing with any code. We decided to release it early as open-source for potential developers and advanced modders to study the source code to better understand how our object format works. You can take a look at this tool via GitHub: https://github.com/ThePonies/PoneCrafter.

5 thoughts on “End of July Update – Contest Ended, PoneCrafter Released!”

  1. How will genetics work?
    Can there be cheats so we can decide if we want a filly or a colt?
    Will there be alicorns?and will alicorns only be available if we complete a task?
    Will the personality system be complex and will ponies act like different individuals especially in certain situations depending on traits?
    How are you planning to make cutiemark systems work? especially special talents?
    How good will the memory system be?
    Will there be able to be beef/drama between certain ponies?
    How will the magic system work?
    Will there be mini games?
    Will there be flight training for pegasi and will some pegasi fly better than others?
    What will the age rating be?
    sorry if these questions are a bit much, just really curious that’s all!
    Jobs and occupations?

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