June 2022 Progress Update

Hey everypony! We know it’s been a bit quiet, but we’ve got some exciting progress to share with you. Over the past several months, we’ve been working on a variety of game features.


House Customization

Customization is a core feature to The Ponies, and that includes the houses you build. With a variety of options in the game’s build mode, you’ll be able to create all kinds of different homes for your ponies to live in. Will it be a cozy cabin? A huge mansion? Or even a dark and dumpy shack? It’s all up to you!

You can use a wall tool to drag walls wherever you desire them, and place floors and wall coverings similarly. With the game’s buy mode, you can purchase an assortment of furniture for your ponies. Don’t get too carried away though, otherwise your ponies may run out of funds…



As standard with any life simulator, interacting with the world is important. You can control any pony within the household you’ve loaded up and command them to perform various interactions with the objects on their lot and with other ponies. Objects will satisfy specific motives based on its intended purpose. For example, directing your pony to sit down will boost their Comfort need. Or directing them to insult another pony may provide a Social motive boost to themself, but negatively impact the pony on the receiving end.


New Interface

The interface is just as important as the enjoyment of the game. After all, that is where you’ll be keeping track of everything. We’ve been working on a new interface that will closely reflect the energy of the game, and allow you to easily find things and have full control over the game.



We’d like to thank you all for your support this far in the development of The Ponies, and we hope you’ll stick around for the road ahead!

15 thoughts on “June 2022 Progress Update”

    1. Unfortunately we don’t have a date determined yet. Once we feel we are close to the demo release, we’ll announce it in advance here on our website.

  1. This is fantastic! I absolutely love the style of this game, it fits really well with the style of ponies. I also like that the UI is a mix of the modern and classic style, which makes for a fresh yet nostalgic experience. Btw I’m way too obsessed with that reel-to-reel, but I probably watched too much TechMoan haha. Looking forward to seeing what will be coming next!

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