We’re Seeking C# Programmers

We’re actively looking to recruit programmers for our project! If you have a passion for ponies and life simulators, we strongly encourage you to apply!


Our game runs on the C# programming language, using the Unity3D engine. We’re seeking programmers who can help develop various aspects typical of a life simulator game, such as:


  • Character behaviors – personalities, ponies interact with each other and build relationships, react to their surroundings, have needs that affect mood and attitude, etc.
  • Player creativity tools – game modes which allow the player to build homes, customize terrains, create and customize pony characters, etc.
  • Interface – implementation of user interface among various areas of the game.


Our project utilizes tools to help organize tasks and cross-communicate with fellow teammates for increased productivity and to provide all teammates with an understanding of the heart of the project.


If interested, please contact us here on our website or reach out to our team through our Discord server. We will get back to you as soon as possible. We at The Ponies Team look forward to hear from you!

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