Project delayed

Unfortunately, due to various circumstances, we have to delay the release of the project. We understand that this may be frustrating and disappointing, and we apologize for this. A lot of members of our team have unfortunately encountered issues, such as with COVID or being unable to allocate time to the project at the moment due to work or family, that have made it to where they are unable to work on the game. We simply don’t have a large enough team to counteract this, and with the difficulty finding new team members, we’re forced to delay the project. This does not mean that the project is cancelled, however.


If you are a C# programmer, 3D modeler, or concept artist and are looking to use your skills to work on a project, feel free to contact us. We could really use your help!


Again, we apologize for these circumstances, and we hope you’ll stick around with us through this. You’ve been an amazing community!

7 thoughts on “Project delayed”

  1. hiiiii im new to this and im actually excided and happy i looooove MLP games sooo much that this one have got my attention in one sight(sorry for bad english) and im glad that it havnt cancelled keep the good work and please add more hairs and tails if we can customize our own pony character

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