Remember to check the FAQ! (Frequently Asked Questions)

We’d like to remind everyone to check our FAQ page, as it will answer some of the very frequent questions that we get. This includes things like where you can download the game (nowhere, because it’s not ready yet), the phase of development currently, and many other common questions. Whenever you find the time, it’s something worth checking out!

30 thoughts on “Remember to check the FAQ! (Frequently Asked Questions)”

  1. Hey I Know it’s weird, but once you get done with the game plz tell us when it gets done, I Can’t wait for the game to come out plz make it Happened, and do your best

    1. As we do not work based on a time schedule, considering most of the devs also are occupied with work or school and purely work on this game as a hobby/passion project, we cannot pinpoint an exact date when this comes out. We will announce when we have new progress and developments, and any news on the release when the time comes.

      1. Thank you very much for your reply. Excuse me, for my importunity … I just really can’t wait to see the progress. I wish you good luck and all the best!)

      2. My pony and sims were the best I was ever going
        The sims is the best movie 🎥 ever and I love my brother and the sims my pony my brother xoxo my pony and my dad yjdh the best of the

    1. Alicorns will not be part of normal gameplay. Therefore you won’t be able to create or play as Alicorns. We decided to do this due to feature balance.

      1. Had to repost just incase,can they be earned Though? like,you have to do some quests or Something to become an Alicorn?,a please don’t make It A DLC or something you need to pay for.

      2. And Can The Game Be Free? I don’t have my own credit card yet,and I want to get the game Badly! And I’d like to ask a few questions:
        A:will the game get more and more updates even when all the things left to finish are done? Like extra additions,Hobbys,New quests?
        B:will there be dueling? Like spell duels?
        C:Can The Magic of a unicorn improve? Instead of staying with normal-leveled Magic,you can improve it,will that be in the game? Same goes for pegasai but for speed.
        D:will we be able to make the mane 6,or have their cutie marks?
        E:Will there be Babies and pregnancy?
        F:If alicorns CAN be added,I think you should make them unused to their magic becoming a lot faster and being able to fly with wings,or if the Alicorn was a pegasai,their speed gets a lot faster and they’re not used to having a horn,However if A Baby Was born an alicorn(somehow,like the parents being pegasai and unicorn? Or both being alicorns or one of them is an Alicorn.)they’re used to Using Both.
        (Please post your answers by answering the question after Putting the Letter of the question,Like this, A:(insert answer here.) B:(Insert answer here.)
        Thank You For Your Time.

        1. We cannot disclose specific details yet of the gameplay. We do plan to continue making updates even after the main game is finished. We will announce detailed features regarding pony races when the proper time comes. We cannot give a date of when a beta build will be released. We estimate a pre-alpha demo release sometime this year. However, as we are working with no funding and a very small team with limited resources, this can always change. We are working hard to make an excellent game and we don’t want to rush the development.

    1. We may port the game to those platforms in the future, but certainly not before it is finished for Windows and Linux.

      1. We are not affiliated with Yudhaikeledai and the animations. We are taking inspiration and reference from them to make this game, but we are not responsible for the animations and what appears in them. We are only responsible for the game, which will not contain any official characters or locations as that would be copyright infringement.

    1. At the moment, we aren’t accepting donations but we may accept them when the game is a little more developed.

  2. How are you making games yet are you still going why everyone sad that they want to play the game in me to we could you don’t want to let people play the game I don’t understand goodbye

    1. The Ponies is not at a state in which it is playable enough for release. Game development, especially when you have a very small team like we do, takes a long time. Please be patient, we are working hard to make a game that the community will enjoy. We don’t want to rush the game and as a result make it unplayable and unenjoyable.

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