We’re Still Alive!

Hey everypony – this will be a short update. We’re still working on The Ponies, despite the lack of recent announcements. With everything going on in the world, it has affected some team members which has slowed us down some. But we’re still working on the game, and we’ll try to get some new progress updates out as soon as possible. Stay safe!

20 thoughts on “We’re Still Alive!”

  1. Hope everyone is well…… I’d have thought with more at home time things would have speed up.
    Aw well, do what you can when you can and have fun with it.

      1. do you think you can make it on a chrome book download PLZ!? because chromebooks apparently won’t play the freaking yandere simulator, or other games I want unless its PC but I dont want a PC because I dont have the money for it. so do you think you can put it on download for chromebook and PC? also if you can is there any chance for a release date?

        1. We have no plans to develop the game to run on Chromebooks. We only plan to release the game for PC (Windows) and Linux, and perhaps Mac in the future depending on how well the release of the game goes.

          1. It will be available on PC and Linux, which can include a variety of laptops and desktop computers.

  2. I’m glad this is still being worked on. Just remember that all your well-being comes first. So you all stay safe too!

    1. If all goes right with the development of the game, we plan to have “Expansion Updates” which would function the same way in terms of bringing new content to the game and new features.

  3. I’m still waiting for this game. And I hope it’s going to win the hearts of all the bronies and pegasisters.

  4. So it will only be available for laptops?

    And also, I noticed that the About pg. said you could create ponies, but didn’t say anything about other creatures and crystal ponies… Could that maybe be expanded since not all OCs in the fandom are just ponies? I know I have a few changelings, a hybrid of the pony and reindeer species, and a crystal pony as just some of my non-mentioned OCs… Not trying to be demanding or mean or anything… Just stating.

    1. We have no plans to add non-pony characters until much later in development. We are focused on developing the core-features of the game first, otherwise it could cause issues later on if we don’t.

      1. Hello, is there any chance that they created a mobile version? Some people, like me, do not have access to PCs or laptops, and I don’t think I will have access to it in the near future.

  5. Hello I have a little question there will be a possibility of having cc (personalized content) that we could share with others a bit like in the sims game

    1. There will be CC, in fact, we’re developing the game to especially work well with CC so players can create and share custom content. We may not include a sharing feature in-game due to certain limitations, but we encourage players to create their own CC sharing websites for the game!

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