All new Community Contest! Submit by July 31, 2021

Attention community! We have an all-new contest going on! This one is oriented around game objects.


Design your own game objects and decide a use for them – the best ones have a chance of winning a place in the game, and may end up in the Buy or Build Mode catalogs!


Be sure to create a visual reference for your objects, like a concept art of sorts. Additionally, the more sides of the object visible, the better. Also, you must plan out a use for the object. Is it a fancy couch? A bizarre decoration? Something ponies can eat? Maybe even a magical spell-learning object? You decide!


To submit your objects:
Drop into our Discord server here to share your objects. Be sure to head over to the #contest channel to participate! You can also share your objects with us via DMs on our Twitter and Facebook accounts. 


Submit your objects and their intended use by July 31, 2021 and they may have a chance to win a place in the game!


RULES: The objects cannot be nsfw. They must also be clearly visible so we can clearly interpret it and turn it into a 3D object for the game. Objects must be of your own design. Any object submitted past the deadline will not be considered.