We’re still around

It’s been a few months since we’ve made any sort of announcement, and we know that makes us look pretty inactive. But don’t worry – we’re still alive as of September! Our team is still hard at work on the game, and we can’t wait to share new stuff when the time comes. Stick around to get the latest on the project – you can follow us on Twitter and on Facebook, and also join our Discord server.

Progress Update – Ponies, Finally!

We know what you’re probably thinking: “when are they going to get pony models made?” Well, we’ve got them! Or at least a customizable Stallion anyways, which you can see here! There’s still a lot more work to be done – such as manes, tails, accessories, outfits, the whole works… and not to mention Mare models as well as models for each age group. But slowly, it’s all been coming together, and we’ll be sure to have more stuff to share soon. Our next big goal after these models is to get them implemented in the Create a Pony environment, as well as walking around in live mode, that way we can replace those pesky needy placeholder cubes!

Be sure to drop by our community Discord server for the latest: https://discord.gg/Vs5u8hp

We’re Still Alive!

Hey everypony – this will be a short update. We’re still working on The Ponies, despite the lack of recent announcements. With everything going on in the world, it has affected some team members which has slowed us down some. But we’re still working on the game, and we’ll try to get some new progress updates out as soon as possible. Stay safe!

Remember to check the FAQ! (Frequently Asked Questions)

We’d like to remind everyone to check our FAQ page, as it will answer some of the very frequent questions that we get. This includes things like where you can download the game (nowhere, because it’s not ready yet), the phase of development currently, and many other common questions. Whenever you find the time, it’s something worth checking out!

February 2020 Progress Update

Hello everypony! We’re still very much alive, even though we haven’t had much to share in the last month. Much of the team has been busy, so consequently there’s been less progress. But that doesn’t mean the project is dead by any means, as we’re still working on many features.

As soon as development picks back up, we’ll announce all the new things we’ve worked on recently. (Psst, we’re also getting closer to the demo/first release! We still don’t have a release date determined for this though, as it could still be a while.)